Finding Soraya

Documentary - Finding Soraya

Najia Khaan's Directorial Debut

Director's Notes

Finding Soraya Director - Najia Khaan
Finding Soraya Director - Najia Khaan

The Women of Afghanistan seem to have lost EVERYTHING.

Will they ever recover?

When will the oppression of women end?

How did the women of Afghanistan lose their dignity?

How did we go from being so liberal to being forced to cover every part of our bodies?

How did we lose our faces? Our voices?

This is what I am here to find out.

Soraya Tarzi, Our Queen.  The Queen of Afghanistan may have died whilst in exile in 1968. but she lives on deep within our hearts. Deep within our souls. Lost beneath all the turmoil.

It is our responsibility..... My responsibility, to find her again.

So come and join me. Najia Khaan, on my Journey... and let us find Queen Soraya together.

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