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Meet with our CEO Karinne Behr and Chairman Lee Beasley from May 17th – 27th At our offices located at Residence “RELAIS DE LA REINE” 42/43 Boulevard de la Croisette, Apt C62 (6th Floor) – 06400 Cannes CAMERA STORE FIRST MARKET SCREENING CANNES 2017 Tuesday MAY 23rd at 18:00 Screening Room Palais I John Rhys-Davies Talks About His Newest Role, and Addresses Indy 5 Rumors

Posted on Posted in Camera Store, Uncategorized Powers , “Like a telephoto lens on an old-school Nikon, the new theatrical film, “Camera Store” is a vibrant character study that slowly zooms in on its cast in a way few films accomplish — proving in less than 100 minutes the film’s premise that “Every photograph has two sides, positive and negative.” -Lynette Carrington […]

CV Independent:PSIFF: ‘Camera Store’ Goes Back in Time—to 1994, and the Dawn of the Digital Age

Posted on Posted in Camera Store, Uncategorized Camera Store shines in part due to the well-developed characters and compelling dialogue. The film also leaves one wondering what will happen to the characters. John Larroquette in Camera Store. In the 1990s, the world was on the brink of massive changes in business and technology—especially in the camera/photo industry. Camera Store, a […]

The Desert Sun: Review: Scott Marshall Smith’s ‘Camera Store’

Posted on Posted in Uncategorized Shad Powers , The Desert SunPublished 12:51 p.m. PT Jan. 8, 2017 | Updated 6:59 p.m. PT Jan. 8, 2017 It’s a movie on the surface about corporate greed, and the struggle for small businesses to stay relevant, but it quickly becomes very human. Put simply, we care what happens to these characters. […]

Borrowing Top 5 Movies from the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2017

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  Top 5 Movies from the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2017 CRUZ MOORE  JANUARY 22, 2017 A film that is darkly hilarious yet sweetly depressing all at once with an ensemble cast who shine masterfully in each of their roles.   Despite the feeling that the festival unsurprisingly caters to the business and notoriety demographic, […]

Screen Daily: Saradan picks up world rights to ‘Camera Store’

Posted on Posted in Uncategorized 8 December, 2016 | By Jeremy Kay EXCLUSIVE: CEO Karinne Behr will oversee worldwide sales on the dark comedy from Los Angeles-based Provocator.   Scott Marshall Smith directed Camera Store, which stars John Larroquette and John Rhys-Davies and shot in New Orleans, Louisiana. Provocator financed the project and producing partners Nick Cafritz and Robert […]

Screen Daily: AFM 2016: Buzz Titles (Camera Store)

Posted on Posted in Camera Store, Uncategorized 2 NOVEMBER, 2016 | BY JEREMY KAY, GEOFFREY MACNAB, WENDY MITCHELL, ANDREAS WISEMAN, MELANIE GOODFELLOW, ELISABET CABEZA, GABRIELE NIOLA Saradan Media’s slate includes drama Camera Store, currently in post-production. Set on Christmas Eve 1994, the US movie charts the story of two salesmen who must confront their fears when a young employee is forced […]

VIKTOR: In the News

Posted on Posted in FILMS, GERARD DEPARDIEU, In the News, PHILIPPE MARTINEZ Irina de Chikoff est journaliste et écrivain Rien de ce qui est humain ne lui est étranger. Il peut tout jouer. Une franche fripouille ou Donissan dans Sous le soleil de Satan, un tendre idiot ou Joseph Fouché. Il a incarné Jean Valjean et Stavitsky, le comte de Montecristo et Rodin, Danton, et Raspoutine ou […]