Trigger Poster


  • Writer /Director: Alex Freitas
  • Producer: Nicole Sykes and Alex Freitas
  • Production Company: Freitas Films
  • Starring: Joshua Browne,Rebecca Carney, Craig Cyr, Tazito Garcia, Lydia Monet, Michael Chwastiak, Alket Kellici.
  • Status: In post production- Delivery Berlin 2017
  • Genre: Action/ Sci fi
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Trigger Synopsis


When a time portal falls into the wrong hands, the world is threatened by a dark and evil force which has been prophesied to wipe out the human race.

Brad Archer, billionaire businessman and great, great grandson of a 132 year old recluse psychic known only as the Prophet Mother, has seen his company's secret time portal fall into the wrong hands. A futuristic machine originally designed for materialistic gain, now the cause of an unknown supernatural evil quickly erasing the human population by the millions. With nothing more than a person's name foreseen by the mysterious prophet mother, Archer must gather a team of hitmen and travel back in time 5 years to erase the man who is thought to become the catalyst behind the end of the human race.

With every action the team takes, and does not, the future as they know it quickly alters. In a race against the clock, the team is challenged by a mission that calls into question everything they think, feel and believe, while being faced with the decision of what is right, what is wrong, and what is humane. Can they put aside their emotional struggles and looming uncertainty and carry out the tasks at hand, all the while avoiding the ever-growing threat of man, supernatural being, and time... or will their individual morals and beliefs overshadow what is deemed the bigger picture.

Trigger is a fast-paced, action-packed twist and turn race to a future that may or may not exist anymore.